About Me

Jana Stretton is a level 2, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner and a sleep help instruction guru. She is also a mother, an artist, a musician, and a business owner, located in the beautiful bushy lower Blue mountains, Australia.

She has used the knowledge gained from hypnosis to teach people how to train their mind to fall asleep naturally. It is the great feedback and the improved well being of people’s emotional and mental health that has inspired her to make her Insomnia workshop available to everyone, everywhere.

After telling friends with insomnia what they should do to fall asleep, she realised she onto something that everyone who can’t sleep needed to know. Getting involved with a local Blue Mountains Wellness centre, Infinity, she began seeing clients there for past life regression, and also for group workshops on insomnia help - again with great feedback.

Statistics for insomnia and related health issues like depression and anxiety are astronomical, and considering how important sleep is, it is no wonder so many are also challenged by emotional/mental fragility. It is usually an intense event which begins insomnia and before long, whenever it is time to sleep, anxiety kicks in and insomnia can become a habit. It really is very simple to stop the mind thinking.

The hypnosis is also such an amazing modality Jana uses to help people heal. Practitioners of QHHT all over the world are having amazing results with all sorts of physical, emotional and health issues - instant healing of cancer, eczema, asthma, allergies, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, addictions, blood pressure, back pain, muscle pain, joints, depression, anxiety, anything and everything can potentially be healed.

Jana is very intuitive with physic abilities, and coupled with having seen past lives herself, this is what led her down the path of QHHT. It is so much more effective for a client to see and feel what’s going on, rather than to just be told by a psychic or tarot reader. Unless you see it yourself, you have too many blanks to fill. Helping people heal by facilitating a past life session is the very best way for people to fully grasp and understand aspects their lives - how past interactions and events have manifested and how difficult relationships are connected. That is why this is Jana’s preferred healing modality. Intuition plays an important role in navigating a session and asking the right questions.

Jana’s blogs will share some amazing revelations which can sometimes challenge our understanding of religion, new age, and the structure of life as we understand it. It’s great food for a curious mind and the blog posts can be followed via the facebook.

All feedback is most valuable and welcome, so that help for people can continue to grow and evolve.